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1 preserve while making lifeless; "mummified ideas and institutions should be gotten rid of"
2 remove the organs and dry out (a dead body) in order to preserve it; "Th Egyptians mummified their pharaos"
3 dry up and shrivel due to complete loss of moisture; "a mummified body was found" [syn: dry up] [also: mummified]

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  1. To make into a mummy, by preserving a dead body.
  2. To become a mummy.


transitive: to mummify
  • Finnish: muumioida
  • German: mumifizieren
  • Russian: муммифицировать
  • Ukrainian: муміфікувати
intransitive: to become a mummy
  • Finnish: muumioitua
  • German: mumifizieren
  • Russian: муммифицироваться
  • Ukrainian: муміфікуватися

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Mummify was a popular Australian racehorse that amassed over $5 million in prize money and won 5 group 1 races, including the 2003 Caulfield Cup and the Singapore Airlines International Cup.
Sired by Melbourne Cup winner Jeune, Mummify was trained by Lee Freedman and gave the trainer his 100th Group 1 victory and first international race win.
The career of Mummify was tragically cut short in the 2005 Caulfield Cup, in which he shattered the sesamoid bone of his near foreleg and was subsequently put down, after running a game third carrying top weight and attempting to lead all the way in the race.
Mummify finished his career with 9 wins and 17 placings from 48 starts; prize money in excess of $5 million, placing him in the top 20 prize money winners in Australian racing history; and an international rating of 118.

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air-dry, anhydrate, bake, blast-freeze, blot, brine, brush, burn, corn, cure, dehumidify, dehydrate, desiccate, drain, dry, dry up, dry-cure, dry-salt, embalm, evaporate, exsiccate, fire, freeze, freeze-dry, fume, insolate, irradiate, jerk, kiln, kipper, lay out, lie in state, marinade, marinate, mummy, parch, pickle, preservatize, quick-freeze, refrigerate, rub, salt, scorch, sear, season, shrivel, smoke, smoke-cure, soak up, sponge, stuff, sun, sun-dry, swab, torrefy, towel, weazen, welter, wilt, wipe, wither, wizen
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